2016-19 Strategic Plan


The Gold Ridge RCD Board and staff updated their strategic plan for the 2016-19 period. It includes information on our mission, vision, priorities and major strategies and objectives planned.

The Full Document:

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At-a-Glance Summary of Our Strategic Program Objectives and Planned Actions:

Climate Resiliency and Carbon Farming:

We work with our partners to develop and fund programs which reduce greenhouse gases, increase carbon sequestration, improve on-farm and community water security, and enhance wildlife habitat.

LandSmart Planning:

Prepared with landowners or land managers, LandSmart plans describe the natural and agricultural resources of the property, document the practices that protect natural resources, identify opportunities to maintain or improve the quality of natural resources, and prioritize management practices according to clients’ needs, goals, timelines and existing regulations.

Environmental Regulation Compliance Assistance:

In partnership with our community, we help landowners understand and voluntarily comply with or exceed federal, state and local regulations.

Streamflow Enhancement and Water Conservation:

We work cooperatively with landowners and land managers to meet domestic and agricultural water needs, while ensuring that streams in district watersheds have sufficient flow to support aquatic and riparian ecosystems.

Clean Water:

We work to enhance water quality, prevent non-point source pollution, and protect aquatic ecosystems.

Science, Monitoring and Planning:

With many partners, we assess and document environmental conditions and trends, and use this information to guide activities and evaluate proposed management projects and strategies.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement:

We collaborate with and educate partners and landowners to restore and enhance habitat for native wildlife, including riparian and wetland habitat restoration, instream improvements, and promotion of on-farm biodiversity.

Agricultural and Environmental Education:

We create educational experiences for our community, which inspire and encourage a connection to and an appreciation for the conservation of land and its agricultural and natural resources.

Organizational Sustainability:

With 76 years of experience, we strive to be relevant, excellent and visible as an organization so that we can provide service to our community for decades to come.

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