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Fire Management

From the County of Sonoma Fire Prevention Division:

Fire Safe Sonoma: Supporting local fire safe councils in preventing and preparing for wildfire

Wildfire Safety Resources for Sonoma County: Prepared by the Gold Ridge RCD


Forest Management

Forest Management Planning with LandSmart

LandSmart Plans are prepared with you and are geared to meet your needs. LandSmart Plans describe the natural and agricultural resources of your property, document the practices that you use to protect natural resources, identify opportunities to maintain or improve the quality of natural resources on your property, and prioritize management practices according to your needs, goals, and timelines. Learn more at

Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group

The Forest Working Group has two primary functions. One is providing a network to land managers and forestry professionals, and the other is providing land manager education. We are a network of land managers that communicates regularly about local forestry issues. Anyone intersted in furthering our mission can join the Forest Working Group. It is meant to be an open-access resource to all. Learn more at

North Bay Forest Improvement Program

The North Bay Forest Improvement Program (NBFIP), developed by Rebuild NorthBay Foundation (RNBF) in partnership with the Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) of Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma County, and Clear Lake Environmental Research Center (CLERC), is a cutting-edge cost share program, providing public funds to support private investment in forest stewardship activities. Funding will support reducing vegetative fuel loads, insect infestation, and disease epidemics on forested private properties in Lake, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma County. Learn more at the program website:

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